Gavin Kastner 200 YTT, LMT, and CST

Owner of Health thru Relaxation

Gavin Kastner is no stranger to injury and the healing process. Sense his birth in 1986 he has broken five different bones; leg, forearm, wrist, neck, and collarbone.  He has undergone two major surgeries, one that put a screw in his wrist and another the put nine screws and a metal plate on his collarbone. He has had issues with his knees dislocating and with instability and dislocation in his shoulders. He has had concussions and a number of other soft tissue injuries. In his early twenties he dealt with a compromised immune system from candida overgrowth and all the complications that that brings. All these different afflictions have given him the opportunity to become closely acquainted with the healing process, to experience the healing power of therapeutic touch, and of self care.

Gavin got certified in massage therapy from Apollo College in 2009. Over the next few years he continued to train with the Upledger institute in CranioSacral therapy. He finished a year long intuitive clairvoyant training in 2013.  He uses this intuition to tune in to his clients so that he can more effectively offer them what they need. “CranioSacral has freed me from chronic pain in my neck and has helped me to find better alignment in my legs, hips, knees, and ankles which has kept my knees more stable and strong. I was cured of my candida problem in 2012 by a variety of energy healings and haven't seen a sign of it sense. Alternative medicine has changed my life and offered me so much more healing, balance, and freedom then I was ever able to get from western medicine.” Gavin


Gavin Kastner has been practicing Yoga/meditation sense 2005 and is a 200 hour registered yoga instructor through the Hailey Yoga Center. "Yoga and meditation have helped me heal through an array of injuries and surgeries. It has also helped me get through my anger and depression issues. Yoga and meditation are an indispensable part of my life. My goal as a teacher is to help people deeply relax, get in touch with their bodies and become more balanced and centered.”

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